Filter field, alias and views


I'm using the alias folder function a lot.

Sometimes I find myself in a folder like 'My computer', 'Fonts' or the control panel and have to realise that I can't type my folder alias. I first have to click on another folder before I can use this feature which is a bit annoying.

Is there a way to turn this on on those views?

If not wouldn't it make sense to display the filter field on those views when you type the slash?


Virtual folders like those are handled by Explorer within Opus so pushing letters (or the slash key) behaves the way it does in Explorer, rather than triggering Opus's find-as-you-type field.

Hotkeys still work, though. That is, within a virtual folder you can still push F4 (default hotkey for the location field) or shift-return (default hotkey to explicitly activate the find-as-you-type field) and then type an alias.

I see, I'll try the F4 trick next time.