Filter Filenames by Color

I would like to filter only filenames that I have applied a specific display color to. I'm assuming this is possible but not finding it in any search ive done. If so I'd like to create a script attached to an applicable UI shortcut for this purpose.

Tools > Find Files > Advanced is one way to do it.

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I'm part of a 5 person license. Everytime I try to use the link it tells me that the account is already linked to another (if you want to email me directly I can send you their contact info).

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I too am curious about this. While I can use the way you suggest and it will search for the color filter. Is there a way to use a filter box to filter by color instead? I have boxes on my tool bar, search and filter. Depending on what I want to do, i use one or the other. Naturally i cannot use either of them to search or filter by a label. I have to bring up the full fledge search feature to do that. I was wondering if there was a quicker way?

You could set up some toolbar buttons that run predefined Find Files operations for each label you want to search for.

A script could also generate the Find query on the fly and show a list of labels in the current folder to choose from, although it'd currently mean the script would have to editing a config file that defines the query/filter; not perfect but would work. (Something we have some ideas about improving, too. In theory, we should be able to get rid of the need to edit the config file.)

(If you don't need to filter, just sort, you can also add the Label column, although files with more than one label complicate things there. But those are rare as the default menus are set up so it doesn't happen unless you've edited the commands.)

i did not realize I could add a column for label. That will work nicely for me. Thanks!

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