Filter problem


I have a filter set to hide folder.jpg. I set that up in the preferences, under layout for the tab that i always use called "server". It works great. The folder.jpg is hidden. However, if I play around and do a lot of navigating, that filter seems to be "lost" somewhere. I end up having to click on the "server" tab and it gets reset and all is well again. How come the filter does not stay hidden.

I also checked the folder format tab in the preferences because i have a few folders set with a specific format and I figured maybe i set up something in there, but all my custom folders and default formats have nothing in the filter tab.


You need to set the filter via Folder Formats if you want it to stay in place when you navigate around. If a filter is set by a Styles tab then it will only be set when you click the tab and may be cleared when you change to a directory which loads one of your Folder Formats with blank filters.

See the FAQ on Folder Formats for more info.

ok I will try that.. however, What happens if i want to be able to see the folder.jpg if i click on another style format? I do not want this change to be perm.

You could click back to the "Previous" style to go back? Or make the filter part of the style you normally use as well as folder formats so you can go back to it by clicking the style. Or make a button which sets/clears the filter and use that instead of styles to do both.

And check out the similar conversation with Tanis and Nudel's suggestions over here:

[url]Hotkey to make selected file/s hidden?]

I already had the filter set at the style level, but I found that the filter kept going away after a while. If I click the previoud tab, i lose the directories i am currently in. Sure I can click the style I want, but that brings me back to my default directories i set up in it. I do not want to have to create a 2nd style that is a duplicate of the first except it keeps me in the current directory. And while i could set it up at the folder format level, that is a perm filter, so if i click another style, that filter applies even when i do not want it to.

I could create a button for it easily enough, but that just uses up realestate on my screen for nothing. The filter ought to stick when i set it on the style level. I already checked the folder formats and there are no filters thre, everything is greyed out (using defaults) I assume that means nothing. I cannot seem to find a parallel, like every time i go to on dir, the filter disappears.

Sounds like you have two Styles now, to toggle the filter on/off. Using a single button to toggle the filter instead would use very little space. (It only needs to be one button. Filter buttons automatically act as toggles which I forgot before.)

You could also set the hidden (and system, depending on your setup) attriibute on the files, and tell opis to hide such files, to avoid things getting more complicated when you want to hide more filenames.

If you're dead-set on using Styles for this then I guess you can use the lock icon in the status bar. This prevents the folder format from changing when you change directories.

I suspect it is the Changes to the Default Formats mechanism described in the Folder Formats FAQ which means it's confusing when the filter does/doesnt get cleared.