Filter string not saved whith group as filter flat view


I'm found of dopus and bought a licence yesterday to be more efficient at work !

I work in computer science, and I develop services in Java on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
To make it simple, I deploy zipped service assembly components (sa) on my ESB.
Those sa are stored on my java workspace in many different and deep maven folders and are identified by the following pattern : --sa--[provide|consume]

Using the flat view without folder option and the filter on the root of my workspace, I can easily identifiy all my components and deploy them on the ESB with only 2 clicks.

I can save this flaten view on my developpement tabs group BUT the filter string is not saved :frowning:

I have to write the filter string again when I load my tab group.

Did I make a mistake ? Am I wrong ? Or the functionnality is not yet implemented ?

Thanks for your support.

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Quick filters set via the Filter Bar are not saved as part of tab groups, layouts, etc. (by design).

But filters set via Folder Options are, so you can use that instead. Open the Folder Options dialog and set what you want on the Filters tab,then click OK. (You don't need to save the format for the folder, unless you always want it to be used however you go into that folder.) Having done that, save the tab group, and it will remember the change.

Thank you so much Leo !

Exactly what I needed.
I will read again in detail the help

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