I just started to use Duplicate and Synchronize. Great tools.
Question - I want to find all directories, off the main folder, that have less then 1/4 of a MB.

Like this:
Folder Music
Sub Folder A
Sub Folder B
Sub of sun folder B

In other words a structured tree folder system. I want to find folders that don't contain much size.

My example might be harder to figure than the problem. Sorry.

How does searching for folders smaller than 256 KB tie in to the Duplicate Finder or Synchronize? i.e. How do you plan to use the filter?

If you just want to do a normal Find using a filter, to search for folders smaller than 256 KB, an example of how to do that is in the manual under File Operations > Copying, Moving and Deleting Files > Filtered Operations > Filter Clause Types > Size. I'm not sure that will be useful with the Duplicate Finder or Synchronize tools, though.

(If that page is missing from the manual you have, update to the latest version, which is currently, linked in my sig.)

I'am trying to see all directories that fit the filter. At that time make a decision for each accurance. One on one.

So you're just finding directories, using the Find tool?

You are not using the Duplicate Finder or Synchronize tools? (But if so I'm confused; why mention them if there's not part of the question?)