Filtering not working with Folder formats

Consider the test folder below.

I want to create a filter so that one .flv files are visible.
So I go here
Settings > Preferecnes > Folders > Folder Formats > Path Formats
and I create the path format shown below.
But it does nothing. Why would this be?

When in that folder, what does the status bar's format lock icon display when you hover the mouse over it?

Don't click on it; just hover, and something like this will appear:

Thank you Leo now I know how to check which format is applied that was one of my questions.
It is now working"

However this is a feature of the problem that I have.
It seems to start working I notice say next day or next time I go to the folder in question.
I created another test folder same setup same problem.
As you can see the folder format appears not applied:

Folder formats are evaluated when you change folders. Setting one up in Preferences when you're already in the folder won't affect the window that is already in the folder (since every folder tab can have an overridden, custom folder format).

Making the change via the Folder > Folder Options dialog from the default menus allows you to affect the current window and, optionally, save the change for the current folder at the same time.

Thank you Leo. I believe there is still an issue but the after shutting down Opus and restarting the second test folder filter is now working. At least now I can check by hovering over padlock as you have shown me next time.
I will test further and post here.
Thanks again.

A question regarding apparent inheritance folder format properties.
The folder has a file format configured but shows it is possibly also inheriting properties from a default folder format see below:

If you look at all the tabs for the folder's format, some of them are probably switched off, and those settings are being inherited from the Local Drives format in this case.

Thank you Leo. So the padlock hover information does not only apply to the current tab?

The padlock information is about the current tab.

This screenshot is of the same folder showing some sort of inheritance (same folder as in previous screenshot)
No settings have been changed.
As you can see there is only 1 tab and 1 display (i.e. not in dual mode)
The idea was to eliminate any ambiguity about what the padlock mouse over might tells us about other tabs.
Is something being inherited here?
How can I know what?
Can I turn this off?
Many thanks Leo for your help. And anyone else who might happen to answer

Yes, something is being inherited there:

The tabs as in Columns, Display, Filters, Options, Labels

I checked and indeed not all tabs were turned on.
I have checked every tab that was not already as per screenshot.
I shut down Opus all listers and the tray icon then restart.
Still when i mouse over the padlock (same folder as above) I have the popup showing the inheritance as above.
Any ideas? Thanks as usualy appreciate your help...

The Display tab has a second checkbox half way down which might still be turned off (can't see from the screenshots).

But you generally want to inherit settings from the default formats (Local Drives etc.), except where you actually something to be different to them. Otherwise, if you ever want to change something, you have to change it in 50 different places instead of 5. So if you're only doing this because of the text in the tooltip shows, I'd advise you not to, and to not worrying about the tooltip. What the tooltip shows is normal and usually what you want.

I am pursuing this so that I can understand this feature better as I have spent alot of time (and failed) to make things work the way I want.
This is a troubleshooting tool. I want to know if I can eliminate any inheritance for troubleshooting purposes.
I checked the extra section in the Display tab any way and restarted Opus.
Still we have inheritance.
I guess we can leave this if you prefer. I greatly apprciate your help and I dont want you to feel you are persuing something that is unecessary.
My original issue, filtering, is behaving right now. With your help I am much better equipped to tackle any issue that may arise going forward.
I hope this blog is of some use to others.
Thanks again

I'm not sure that the inheritance message is incorrect, although it may be misleading. If you have the default format for local drives turned on (and it's not on, by default), anything on a local drive will inherit from that; the question is what gets overridden later on. If everything is being overridden by a path format then you have inheritance of nothing.

The tooltip is there as a guide, nothing more, so I wouldn't spend too long worrying about it.

Noted thank you Jon

Many thanks for help in this matter.
I have hit upon different symptom maybe same issue so for clarify opened new post.

[Moderator note: I've merged the two threads together since it turned out to be a simple issue. --Leo]

Below is a description of what I have done but the Folder Format does not apply not sure why.
Thanks to help in previous post I now know to mouse over the padlock icon in the RHS of status bar to see what forlder format is applied. Until the FF in question is applied no point troubleshooting the FF itself.
I also made the distinction that a saved lister will remember the pre-existing FFs for it;s member tabs.
Mousing over the padlock icon will in fact tell you that. You need to rebuild the saved lister afresh to inherit the new FF.
So focus moves to the application of a new FF in this post

I have investigated this on and off for a while. I have a suspicion that the FF will begin working after some time spontaneously.
I am not sure if it is my fiddling or not.
This time I am going to do nothing more to the FF I have created and see if it starts to work by itself.
Unless of course I am directed otherwise here.

Many thanks in advance for any interest

I had appied the folder format to the WRONG folder. DOH!!!

Glad it's resolved :slight_smile: