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Filtering on all columns


Filtering on all columns would be very helpful, especially if saveable into filter sets, like in excel, but retaining regular expressions like existing filtering


You can use Tools > Find Files > Advanced to filter on most column types.


Yeah, but 1.) that's not convenient, and 2.) that's a different use-case.

I can't speak for the OP, but I would give my right arm to be able to filter on at least the Description field, too. It's not a matter of finding files but of hiding non-matching files in the current view.


Hi @Zach,
You've understood how useful filtering directly and dynamically in the file-list view can be, not having to execute searches and possibly save those in a collection. I've also figured out how to break description into subfields to add multi-category classifications to files, but once I have that, all i can do is group and sort, I can't filter, such a pity.

Many tools support this now, not just excel, and they're often defect management tools, e.g. the industry standard ALM took, HP's Quality Centre.

@Leo ,

  1. You're correct in using a search to do this, but that doesn't give the ease of use of direct filtering.

  2. A: Are you suggesting that you're thinking, of also delivering a feature, like an MS-Outlook search folder, which gives, in a collection, a dynamic filtered view based on a find/search expression?

    That would also be useful, especially if it had a snapshot feature so that earlier search-result-sets could be preserved, e.g. by as set of as-of- subfolders

    B: If flatview could be delivered to collections, that would also be hugely helpful, especially in the context of 2. A immediately above