Filtering on filenames

Directory Opus 12 Pro

I'm looking for a realtime filter that works on the active lister

Imagine a folder with a 1000 pictures. When I type 'tree' all pictures that have the word 'tree' in the filename will be shown. All others will be hidden.
Real time as I type.
(not the search function)

You are after the Filter Bar. In the Lister type * and it will appear.

I was so close! :slight_smile: I didn't know to type * first... Thanks wowbagger@

Additional questions:
How do I display the vertical toolbar?

I want just one program instance of Directory Opus.. I found 2 options that greatly reduce the number but it looks like I'm overlooking a third option.
I'm currently using these settings: Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

no problem mate, Its better to ask separate questions in separate posts, less confusing, and more helpful to others.

Unlock the toolbar and drag it to a vertical position. It should automatically go vertical for you.

That thread seams like the best source, did you try the links at the bottom of the first post.
What is the scenario where the extra window is still displayed?

One of the scenarios is a video converter I'm using. From within the program I can click a button that opens the folder with the converted video's.
That action open a instance of Opus