Filtering out folders, showing files only

I created a folder format filter to filter out all folders inside a directory so only files are shown. It works fine, however the filter is not permanent, I have to reset it manually after every restart of DO.

Is there any easier way I can hide all subfolders of a tab with a click of a button and have only the file shown, which would be permanent for that tab?

What I am trying to achieve, my Download directory has about 2 pages of folders on top, then the files are listed. When looking for the latest downloaded file, I have to scroll 2 pages down. If I could hide all folders from this directory, I could see the newest file on top. I could freeze a tab for this purpose permanently and have it there in case I need access to it.

Many thanks for your help.

Assign it to a Path Format for your DL folder in Prefs/Folders/Folder Formats.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. :slight_smile: I did that and it worked, it filtered the folders out. However I would like to keep two parallel tabs of my Download folder under different tab names, but the same directory, and would like only one of them to filter out the folders, the other not as I am working with them occasionally.

Because both paths are the same, with the path filter I was not able to filter out on only one of the tabs... Any workaround or setting I might have missed here? Thank you in advance.

You could do that by saving the tabs into a layout (or style, or folder tab group) and setting it not to ignore the folder formats saved in the layout.

(Of course, that then means if you change your folder formats, you have to re-save the layout as well, since it's going to be using its own formats independent of everything else.)

You may find this option useful as well/instead:

In case you haven't tried: a quickfilter hides folders with a click (or hotkey):