Filters and Lister background

Is it possible to automatically change the Lister background when a filter is in place?

I do this with a lister style. Just go to PREFERENCES/LAYOUT/LISTER STYLES and press the NEW button to create a new style. Then uncheck everything (in both the left and right file display tabs) except for the checkbox that says FORMAT. Make sure that is checked then press the EDIT button to open the edit dialog. In that uncheck everything you see there until you get to the tab that says OPTIONS. On the options tab tick the image field to enable it and then select the background image you want to display whenever you use that lister style.

In short, all that new lister style does, is to change the background image (or color) of the active file pane.


If you're after a visual indication that files are being filtered, putting a bold, red hidden items count on the status bar works well. This is the status-bar code to do it:

{h!} <b><#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#></b> {h!}

It won't be shown when there are no files being hidden, due to the two {h!} tags.

How would John's suggestion work on a custom filer/user input filter ?

I've tried following the suggestion, but I must be doing sometihng incorrectly.

Leo's suggestion works, however out of 100 times I apply filters I still forget 20% of the time.



I don't think there's anything automatic about John's suggestion. He's just saying you can make a Style which changes the background image (and nothing more) as a visual reminder, but you'd have to remember to manually click on that whenever you typed a filter into the filter box.

If you mainly use preset filters (e.g. you're always doing *.jpg or something) can you could save those as part of the style and switch on the filter and the background image in one click, but there's no way to automatically change the background image in response to you entering a filter manually, at least at the moment.

I also sometimes miss the hidden count in the status bar, even though it's red and bold. Some kind of bigger visual cue might not be a bad idea, though I'm not sure what a good one would be.

What is there was a sort option which sorted hidden folders/files below normal folders/files?

So they're not hidden from view, but they're still out of the way.

Would that work? I'm not sure, but it's one idea. I think that the clutter of all the items I have to hide in C:\ (for example) would still annoy me, even if the non-hidden items were kept at the top. (I wonder if in 20 years' time Windows will still be dumping random crap in the root of drives, and C:\ in particular, or if MS will finally clean that crap up? The mess at the root of drives has continued to annoy me since I moved from the Amiga a decade ago...)