Find Advanced photos and pdfs

My primary folder has up to 3 subfolders with some 15 Gbytes of files. I want to display only jpg, jpeg, png, and pdf files before I copy them onto an external cd card for my tablet computer.
I click on the main folder, then flat file button, then Find to allow that desired spec (see attached capture). Problem is txt, pspimage, doc, wmv, are included in the list. What am I doing wrong?

I click on the main folder, then flat file button, then Find

Use Find or Flat View, but not both at once. (If you use Flat View, you can filter the results via the quick filter, which is on the * key by default. That includes a drop-down menu for turning different extensions on and off. But using Find is a bit quicker in most situations, since you don't have to list the entire folder and then filter things out; you instead filter in just the things you want to match.)

I can't see the results so I can't say exactly what happened, but the way you have the Find filter set up has a couple of problems:

  1. It will only match files which include all four of those patterns at once. You probably wanted "Or" and not "And" between each pattern.

  2. The patterns will match those words anywhere in the filenames, and without needing a dot before them, since you've used *xyz* type wildcards. You probably only want to match files that have them as extension at the end, e.g. *.xyz

You can also do all this with just one pattern, and using the Simple mode instead of Advanced, using one wildcard that matches all the extensions at once:


Wonderful tip to cluster my specs.
On your tip to to use "and" vs "or" I'm guessing that I check the "any word" box.

Anyway, my latest "file collection" looks fine. I'm guessing if I select that entire list, then paste it to a target folder same named as the source folder those all files will then be deposited in their respective destination folders.

Thank you, Leo.

No, "Any Word" does something unrelated. I meant literally changing where it says "And" to "Or".

Basic boolean logic:

If you copy & paste from a collection, you'll get all the files in the folder you pasted into, without any sub-folders being created.

Flat View may be better than Find if you're aiming to recreate the original folder structure.

Where does it say And or Or?

Down the left side of your screenshot.

I see, in the Advanced form. Thank you.