Find and Open/Run Command Behaviour

My objective is to locate and execute the latest version of something - e.g. a text file, word document, spreadsheet. Whilst building a command to do this I came across some strange behaviour. The following test case screen grabs illustrate the anomalies. Grab #1 shows the C:\Test folder structure. Grab #2 and Grab #3 show slightly different versions of the command. The first button locates the target file using an explicit search string whereas the second button uses a variable to pass the (same) search string.

Anomaly #1 - The first button works from any starting folder but the second button only works properly if the starting folder is C:\Test
Anomaly #2 - The first button works properly with Alt and Ctrl modifiers but fails with Shift modifier

Regards, AB

Run Latest (1).dcf (685 Bytes)
Run Latest (2).dcf (731 Bytes)

Using embedded commands to send the rest of the button to the new window may fix the shift case.

Any reason not to use the new Select functionality for selecting the newest file etc.?

I have tried all the usual alternatives including DopusRT /cmd and [embedded], without success.

The newest target file is not necessarily the newest file in the whole structure, so the most efficient way of homing in on the correct file is to filter by name, then sort by date and select the first in the list.

Regards, AB