Find and tilde

Does anyone know what using a tilde (~) in the 'Name matching' field of the Dopus find dialog does? I was trying to find all editor backup files, which are named like 'test.~cpp'. It seems to do odd things:

.~cpp shows all files ending in .~cpp. As expected.
.~ or ~ or ~
show nothing at all.
~cpp shows lots of files, but not all, many of which do not contain cpp in their name or ext.

I can do it using the regular expressions on the advanced tab, but it seems silly that it doesn't work just in the simple

It's described briefly here: ... Syntax.htm

Basically, it's a not:

*.cpp will match all files that end in .cpp

~(*.cpp) will match all files that do not end in .cpp

I'm not sure what it does when next to a normal letter, as in ~cpp.

As described on the help page above, you can escape any of the pattern matching characters with a ' (single-quote):

*.'~cpp does what you're after.

Thanks for that. I looked at the section on Find in the manual and it didn't mention the appendix.