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I'm giving v12 a trial, I'm used to using v10. In the Tools>Find Files dialog, I see no option to specify date "Created" in search criteria. The default seems to be date "Modified" with no other choices. Surely I don't have to perform an advanced search to do this... ?


There are two tabs in the search window. The second "extended" one is offering the "date .. equal .. modified" setting, you're looking for. You might need to change it from "created" to "modified" in the dropdown menu.

It was moved into the Advanced tab to de-clutter the Simple tab, and since it's rare to search by Created rather than Modified.

Advanced is still pretty simple when searching for dates; it just has more options:

Thanks. "Created" searches are not rare for me. I like to see what new things have made themselves at home on my machine for various reasons.

If you do it a lot, you could set up a button that runs Find with a saved filter so you only have to click one button and don't need to open the Find panel or fiddle around with it. Shout if you want that and need any pointers on how to set it up.

I would want to be able to specify a date or range. Can that be done with a button?

I'll be out for a while. I'll check back later. Thanks.

For that you could have a script with a custom UI but it'd be quite a lot of work.

In that case I would use a saved filter and load it into the Find panel each time, to speed things up a bit but still use the main Find UI.

Hello There, I have a similar question about. So I want to search explicit by Day names (on Friday & Sunday ... or only Files from Monday). How can we do this, is it possible.

Use an evaluator filter, e.g.

=DatePart(created, "DD")==1


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