Find doesn't seem to work

I did check for a few minutes about this problem in the forum but I didn't seem to find it.
Searching is one of the most important features for me and search for files that have a particular string is key.

I was attempting to find Word document files that contained a word "Bruch" no quotes (I tried with and without just in case)
(To test I added 4 files with this word Bruch and placed them in folder 3 below)

To search I added 4 folders
Find in:
Folder 1
Folder 2
Folder 3
Folder 4

Name Matching: Left blank
Use wildcard not selected and not selected case sensitive
Date: between 13/04/01 and 13/09/30
Then I selected Type Microsoft Word
Found no file
I have had similar problems other times... there must be something that I am missing? or is it a bug? Or maybe I am not getting the way find works? See attached
Thanks for your help

You've turned off the Use wildcards option but the text you've entered has a wildcard character at the end - so this is literally searching for the string Bruch*.

One of the most frustrating things we have to do daily is find content based on what we remember, this is not just me but an increasing number of people that work with large amount of info.
There are some programs that are starting to use a "tagging" feature that using a combination of "auto" tagging and user tagging start grouping files not just as a file system but as tag nodes and related content. Example program: "Elyse".
Is Directory Opus going to come up with something like this? Considering the great quality that Directory Opus starts from, it would be great.

I still consider that the find functionality is not at par with the the all other great features of Opus... I would say that 7 out of 10 times I can't get results or it does not provide what expected. Maybe there are too many options to set before it works. I would like something a simple as Google desktop used to be:

  1. enter word and find content with the word
  2. enter word and extension and only content with that word and that extension would show up
  3. enter word and a key word to find in "content" and it would return content that "contains" that word
    Very few switches or command line arguments, etc.


I would love to see Elyse integrated into Dopus. Would even be willing to pay (a beer or two) for the customization.