Find duplicate files in two different folders

I would like to compare the files I have on my CD(s) with the ones I have on my hard drives (C,D,E,F), highlight the matching results and apply the "set description" command with the description "Burnt files".

This way, each time I browse my hard drives, I know which files have already been backed up and which are still pending by looking at the description field.

The prob is, I cannot seem to find a way to do it.

*Synchronize doesn't work well because I cannot highlight only the files that match (and I am also somehow disappointed by the way the comparison is made because it doesn't apparently yield correct results).

*Find is not an option

*Duplicate only searches within the same directory/drive.

Any idea would be greately appreciated...
Thank you very much.

The duplicate finder can search multiple drives at once, but if you use that feature you have to search the entire drives and cannot specify that searching starts at a subdirectory.

If that's good enough, just click the drives icon next to the path bar and select the drives you want to search.

If it's not good enough, sorry. :frowning: It'd be nice if this was extended in a future version.

What Nudel said John...

But if it happens that you want to run your duplicate files search at a 'folder' level rather than from the root of each folders drive, one way to get around this search limitation is to make use of the Windows SUBST command. Using it is sort of like 'mapping' a drive except the drive letter can be assigned to a local folder rather a Network share. You may even be able to set up a button or context menu action to automate some of this for you... let us know if you want some help with it if you need to operate at the folder level.

Note- there had also been some requests made recently asking if regular 'Find' operations could also work at a folder level rather than just the drive level, so maybe GP will consider extending the search source selection someday like Nudel suggested.

I maybe don't understand how it works because I selected C:\ and F:\ as multiple drives check but I didn't get any results. Searching doesn't even seem to take place.

I need to check files not relying on the path because I need to mach something like C:\dir1\dir2\ with G:\ (so file matching, not folders/path matching).

I don't know if this helps you a little be in your very appreciated help towards me....