Find duplicate files with restrictions

I'm doing a wildcard search of all my hard drives for the value *.com. The problem is I have way too many files with the same name. Yes, I know very sloppy housekeeping. What I would like to do is only show one of the duplicates in the list. Duplication is based solely on the name. That way I limit having to go through the list. It would be nice if when the name is displayed it would also show me the number of files by that name. Maybe someone has already programmed this in Opus, I'm hoping.
Example of Name: (5) - It found 5 occurrences on all the drivers.
I would be just as happy finding locations but only show one in the list, almost.

Currently, I'm using Find Files\File Collection\Copy Full Pathname using this method all I have to do is copy and paste the file location. Makes it a lot faster when it's time to locate manually. I should mention that my mission is to find OneNote sections for missing information. After doing this I'm just going to do a simple delete on the entire list.

I did find a solution.

This did work for me.