Find extensions in an Archive File

I'm trying to find files, *.dbf, that might be in archives (RAR or ZIP). I also need to use Search inside subfolders and Search inside archive. This makes it very slow.

Name matching: *.dbf
Wildcard: CHECKED

My issue is Searching in a RAR or Zip folder for the *.dbf file extension. I'm trying to find all occurrences of the DBF files on my computer that are in archive files.

That sounds like it should work. What's going wrong exactly?

No problem finding the *.dbf files. My issue is how to code looking in the rar and zip files.

If you turn on the Search inside archives option it should do that.

Yes it does, but only in the current directory (Search inside subfolders-off). If I turn on Inside subfolders it takes for ever. I was thinking Opus can search for my Zip and RAR only.

It has to search your sub-folders to find the archive files. Otherwise it will only see archives in the folder you start the search from.

I understand. Thanks for the help Jon.

It just brings up to many files this way. So. There is no way to search archive files, only, that contains a file that has the extension *.dbf. Going by directory would be weeks of work. I was hoping to tell Opus to check out my 7 hard drives for a quick answer to my issue.

Ok I understand the issue.

If you use the Advanced search, you can use a "Full path" clause to tell it to only match files in paths with .zip or .rar in them. That might do what you need.

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Divide your search into two steps:

  1. Search your drives for archive files. The result will be a collection.
  2. Search this collection for dbf files with Search inside archives turned on.

Alternatively you could use WinRAR's built-in search. It supports both command line ad GUI and seems to be sometimes a bit faster than Opus, though that claim is not based on much testing.


I never thought to use winRAR for the search.