Find Field - little annoying bug

When using the character keys to take you do file name


pressing 'd' will take the file explorer to the files starting with D

a little find box appears at the bottom of the lister.

if you use this short cut to take you to the last or 2nd last file in the directory (also if there is enough files in the directory that there is a scroll bar/ and using it in detail list form(have no tested other listing styles)

when the find file is highlighted, then you use the mouse to click on it, the find bar will disapaer, and you have then selected the 3rd last file.

Just a little annoying bug to be looked at.


Confirmed. I've filed a bug report.

Fixed in Opus

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus

There is still the same or a similar problem if using the preference Single click to open an item (point to select - does not apply to Power mode).

With this preference in effect, assume the currently displayed folder contains only one file whose name begins with z.

Enter z. Display scrolls to bottom with last file highlighted/selected.

Quickly place mouse pointer over second to last file. Search box disappears and fourth file from bottom is highlighted/selected.

The similar bug with single-click mode has been fixed in Opus

The similar bug with single-click mode has been fixed in Opus[/quote]