Find file seems not to be working

I used to be able search my C: drive for .tmp files to clean up trash. Doesn't work.
I try to search for other things (e.g., xl
.*) and get a mish-mash of files.

I don't know if I have something set incorrectly or if there might be a conflict with Copernic Desktop Search. I have used both on this computer for several years.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks

  • Are you using the Windows Search field (top right of the default toolbars), or Opus's own Tools > Find Files functionality?

  • If you're using the Windows Search field, what happens with the same search done in File Explorer?

  • Please show us exactly how you have the search field or find panel set up, so we can see the exact search criteria and options there.

  • Please also show us some examples that should / shouldn't be found but aren't / are.

  • Which version of Opus are you using?

  • Please also link your account:

Thanks for the speedy reply.
I use DOpus for find files.
I don't use Windows search normally...I just did. It works like it should...I can find my *.tmp files, my .doc files, etc.
I don't know how to "show" you how how the find panel is set up.
I am using version 12.19
I think I have successfully linked.

Thanks for linking!

Take a screenshot (Alt + PrtSc while the window is active), then paste it into a message (Ctrl + V) here.

You have Search inside subfolders turned off (on the left of the Find button), so that would only find *.tmp files that were in the root of C:\ and not anywhere else.