"Find Files"

"Find Files" works fine but I need the path information too. How do I show the path info in the "found files" folder? Most of the time I just want to know where the files are, not execute them.

On another subject, it seems like everything I do opens another window of Opus 10. I would like it to open from the launch bar or double click on desktop but not otherwise. Can that be set up?

Really am impressed with Opus! I'll never get to use all the features but I'm learning.



You can add the Location column, if it's not there already, to see the path for each file.

There's also a special Collections folder format in Preferences which lets you set it to appear by default whenever you go to a collection (unless a folder format for the specific collection overrides the more general format).

Preferences / Launching Opus is where you should look for the second question.

I can't seem to find how to enter the "Location" field. Looked through the "Prefs" menus but didn't find it.

Right-click on the column header, and under General select Location.

Great! Thanks