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Maybe i am blind or just stupid, but while i read somewhere that you can ind empty folders in the Find (Utiity Panel), particularly empty folders by setting size to 0, I cannot figure out how to do this.

Help appreciated.


Hans L

Both of these will find folders with zero bytes (total) below them:

Note that they do not strictly find empty folders. If a folder only has 0 byte files and other empty/0-byte folders below it, it will still be found.

A script column could be used if you want to strictly find truly empty folders.

Or, if it's only used occasionally, you could do either search above and then calculate folder sizes in the results and sort by the size column to isolate the empty folders from the 0-byte ones.

Thank you, Leo. Worked fine. However, not to misunderstand you, let me ask what you mean by "calculate folder size"? (Folder size is shown in the headings row, so no "calculation" is needed, I believe.) I assume the real empty folders are those with no size figure (not even 0)!?

Hans L


Hans L