Find In: Add folder to search box

I have searched everywhere and cannot find a solution to my problem. Here is my goal and process:

Goal: To select a specific PATH to search.

  1. In the Find In: Panel I select the PATH I would like to search by adding the folders
  2. I run the search and obtain results
  3. I select a file and from the context window I select open containing folder. This then changes the Find In search PATH to the location of the folder I opened.
  4. If I press Alt and Left Arrow or use the mouse to go back to my find results the PATH stays the same as that of the containing folder I navigated to.

This also happens when I select a different folder, the Find In: PATH changes but I would rather it stay as the original one I selected.

Is there an option to prevent this from happening and if not does anyone have any pointers for me as it drives me nuts.



Click the lock icon in the Find Panel so it is unlocked, and the path will no longer follow your location.

Great stuff. Thank you, Leo, it was just what I was looking for.