Find Inside Files Issue (Cyrillic)


I have a problem during search Cyrillic texts inside documents. Find function works always like Case sensitive checkbox is on. So, I can't find "Тест" by substring "тест", but I found it well by "Тест" substring.

File document.doc has "Тест" substring:

Searching by "тест" substring - no result:

Searching by "Тест" substring - doc found:

English works well:

Which region/locale is Windows set to use on your machine?

Russian, I think. How can I check it? Windows 10.

The language Windows itself uses should be the best indicator. For example, File Explorer or the Start Menu.

Another thing to check: If you try the same search in File Explorer, does it find the files OK?

It's possible we're not using the locale for the case-insensitive search, but it's also possible the locale itself doesn't consider the two strings to be the same if it's not set to Cyrillic, or that the Word document IFilter (part of Office) that turns doc files into plain text for search tools isn't handling the characters correctly. (I haven't had a chance to configure a machine for Cyrillic to check yet.)

Interface language in my Windows is Russian (Start menu, Explorer and other soft).

Here's search results by native File Explorer Find function. Source file:

Search result by lowercase string "тест":

So, Windows searches Cyrillic strings well.

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Could I help somehow to solve the problem?

It’s in our list to look into, but we need to finish other work first.

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A fix for this will be included in the next beta. Please let us know if you still see any problems after it's out and installed.

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