"Find" object

It would be nice to have something like those internal commands in the script, it would simplify the script, make it easier to write scripts, and save time.
Find *.doc IN C:\Data

What do you want made easier exactly?

You can run any command you want from a script.

docs = DOpus.Find(*.doc, "D:\\Test")

The scripting API already provides ways to list folder contents (optionally recursively) and test wildcards. They're simple enough already, and simplifying them further would make them less versatile for very little benefit.

You'd save one or two lines here, and still need to loop through the results, which isn't really an improvement vs what you can do already with much greater flexibility.


     docs = DOpus.FSUtil.ReadDir("E:\\Test\\", "r")

     if (docs.count) { some code }

     docLst = String(docs, "`n")   // Full path list

This is the ReadDir object, I haven't seen how to use wildcards yet.

     docs = DOpus.FSUtil.ReadDir("E:\\Test\\", "r")

     while (!docs.complete) {
        var item = docs.Next();