Find Panel Improvements

Couple of improvements I would like to see too the find panel.

  1. Size / Position to be retained between sessions (opening / closing of Listers) - Reason - the find panel takes up a fair amount of screen real estate and 90% of my searches are on Filename - so tend to shrink the panel to only display the 'Name Matching' field. However this setting is lost between sessions.

  2. Synchronise 'Find In' with current tab - e.g. if I open the panel on C: but actually want to search D: - switching to this tab would change the 'Find In' to D:. As a possible extension to this Ctrl + Clicking tabs could add the tab location to the 'Find In' location list - this would make it extremely easy to search my most commonly used locations (as they are almost always open as tabs).



Set the panel up how you want it, then select Settings -> Set as Default Lister. That will save its position for future use. This also works with the Folder Tree and Viewer Pane. It's somewhat hidden so I've just added a FAQ on this for other people.

If the lock button above the Find In list is ticked then changing folders will update the path to be searched in. This doesn't apply when changing tabs though, you're right. I think that's something that nobody thought of / noticed until now. I've filed a feature request for you.


Thanks mate, setting as default lister worked perfectly, and thanks for filing tab locations as a feature request :smiley: .

No idea if it is of interest to anybody else but I rely quite heavily on tabbed browsing functionality and selecting locations by tab would be extremely useful to me (a lot let hassle than browsing for locations anyway).



Your request to synchronise 'Find In' with the current tab is implemented in Opus

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus

im 2nd to that. make find panel smaller & more compact .make current find in advance find or something similar since i'm always use to find filename only. maybe some of you already running on high resolutin, please pity someone who still runing 1024x768 with 17" monitor. :laughing:

How on earth can you afford CS3 Extended but not afford a better monitor? :slight_smile: