Find & Replace Problem

Has Rename / Find & Replace always stayed open after clicking 'Apply'?
I just selected some files and used Find & Replace, then clicked 'Apply '.
After I was done with the files I had selected, the Find & Replace Window stayed open. That's new I think.
Then I selected different files (in the same open folder) to do the same Find & Replace. When I used Find & Replace on those files, Find & Replace was not done on those files. It was done on the previous batch that were no longer selected.
If I close and re-open Find & Replace, it works as it should.

Yes, it has done that as long as it has been there. It's the whole purpose of the Apply button. It lets you apply a rename, and then change settings in the dialog to apply a second rename.

If you just want to apply the rename and close the dialog, click OK instead of Apply.

Thank you, but I had never noticed that before.
However, it still seems like strange behavior that Find & Replace was done on the previous batch of files I had worded with - files that were no longer selected.

The Rename dialog opens for a selection of files, and those are the files that dialog then works on until it's closed. The selection back in the file display can change after that point without affecting what the Rename dialog does. (You can open a new dialog to work on a new selection, of course.)