"FIND" results in a new tab

Good sirs:

Every time I run a search, the results show up in a new tab called coll://Find Results.
But when I run a new search, I want the old tab to remain - not be repopulated with tne new search results.
How to accomplish this? Getting an additional tab with each new search?

I thought this post:

would solve the problem, but not quite...


There's currently no automatic way to bump the collection name (except if you do two searches in parallel), but you can either:

  1. Edit the collection name before searching. (Where it says "Show Results In: Find Results" you can edit that to use any collection name that you wish. Opus will create a new collection if you type in a new name.) That will also mean that the two tabs have more meaningful names, since you can name the collection after what you searched for. (Or just use "Find Results 2" etc. if you don't care what the names are.)


  1. Turn off "clear previous results" so that the new search results are appended to the old ones. (Only useful if you want that, of course.)

I rush now to try these things.


Since this is my FIND button,

Find {dlgstring|searchfor:} IN "M:" "Q:" "R:" "S:" "H:" "D:" QUIET SHOWRESULTS=source (new tab)

It seems I can only follow your two suggestions by reverting to the GUI find interface...

Try something like below.

By the way, your SHOWRESULTS argument was wrong; I fixed that as well.

This should all be on one line, in case it is wrapped:

Find NAME="{dlgstring|Search for:}" IN "M:" "Q:" "R:" "S:" "H:" "D:" QUIET SHOWRESULTS=source,tab COLLNAME="{dlgstring|Results collection:|Find Results}"

More info here.

That's some good stuff.
But now I'm trying to figure out how to make the COLLNAME = NAME, so I don't have to do the second dialogue box.
I guess "NAME" isn't a real variable I can pass like that.

Find NAME="{dlgstring|Search for:}" IN "C:" "E:" QUIET SHOWRESULTS=source,tab COLLNAME="Name"

that just names the tab "Name"...

You should you wanted "Name" and no second dialogue box. What do you mean by Name? You want the tab name to be called the same as what you type in for the search? So if you search for "books", the new tab name will be called "books"?

exactly - passing the variable just like that...

You could do something like:

@set var={dlgstring|Search for:} Find NAME="{$var}" IN "M:" "Q:" "R:" "S:" "H:" "D:" QUIET SHOWRESULTS=source,tab COLLNAME="FIND_{$var}"

now with this @set var command, I shall do miracles!