Find utility => results

in the DO 8 manual, there are a picture represent the find utility.

results are a the bottom of the search window (the same window). how to do that ?

OK it found, sorry

If you're talking about the picture on pg. 107 of the manual, then that's what I was talking about in my reply to the other topic you opened about this: ... umpost1419

There's a difference between the standard "Find" dialog that opens with the Dopus Find function, and the "Utility Panel" you open with the Set UTILITY=Find,On function you are using... I wish the Utility Panel could be invoked for the right-click selected folder, but so far, I don't see how to do this. Also, the standard Find window does not allow you to select the 'found' file results and operate on them normally, which the Utility Panel DOES allow. So, each seperate Find interface has nice features that need to be combined...