Find within collections does not provide a column for the collection the file was found in

Hi folks,
I ran a find process over the root collections folder, i.e. coll://

Results were returned, but I couldn't find a column I could add to the lister, that specified the collection the item was found within.

Given that file(s) matching the search spec could exist and thus be found in any child collection under the specified parent, this would be useful.

The information must be available to the existing search process code, in order for it to be able to traverse the tree structure as it searches. Thus I would imagine it would not be difficult to publish those locations as matches are found.

What is GP Software's view of this, please? And if you concur, could you kindly advise how soon
this new field might be able to become available?

Many thanks,

I don't think there is a way to do that. It's not what Find or collections were designed for (and searching from the coll:// root only really works by accident!).

A script might be able to do something, but I am not sure exactly how it would display the information, given one file may be in multiple collections. Outputting the results to a text file might make the most sense, although it could also use one or more custom columns or even a custom UI to display it other ways.

Thx Leo,
could you pls provide the object name(s) and iterator
one would need to have a script do a multi-level or single-level search
over a hierarchy of collection-folders,
as I'd like to try writing that script,
to report the collection the sought file was found in,
via the iterator's current-collection's name.

Would it be possible for it to import the
currently active set of search-criteria from the
find-dialog ?

Many thx, Cheers, Brian

object name(s) and iterator

No object needed, simply enumerate coll://.

import the currently active set of search-criteria

Not officially, I think, but you'll find it in

/dopuslocaldata\State Data\find.osd