Findexisting only checks source lister

DOpus just keeps getting better and better. Thank You!

The findexisting parameter is great but it seems to only check the "Source" lister for prior existance. I use buttons like "Go E: NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINRIGHT", with or without the right lister existing,and it fails (thinks it is a duplicate) if "E:" exists as a tab in the source lister.

Any ideas anyone?

Other than that I have lots more to play with.


Yes, quite right Mike.
I tried a few similar things until I understood.

We're attempting philosophical circular reasoning.
How do we know we exist ?
NEWTAB=findexisting is the answer.
The active tab is the source tab.
The fact that 'findexisting' exists in the dest or that we want to open it in the dest is meaningless at this point.

Perhaps the next version of DOpus ???

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Maybe you can make it work in conjunction with the new set focus command? Set focus to the destination side, do the go command (without the openindest argument) and then set focus to the destination side (which will be the original source) again.

I've not tried it since I'm bunged up with a nasty cold and don't much feel like doing anything :slight_smile: but hopefully it'll work.

I think I've found a workaround, at least for my current single/dual lister requirement. Seem like I hjave tried hundreds of combos but this one seems to work.

<?xml version="1.0"?> {9BB3D02F-FEB0-4CEB-89E5-F04AE256341C} C: 84 {524C0F96-C66D-40BB-83AA-8F4C8CE606F6} C: in Left Open C: Tab in Left 84 Set SOURCE=Left Go C:\ NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINLEFT {9BB3D02F-FEB0-4CEB-89E5-F04AE256341C} C: in Right Open C: Tab in Right 84 Go CURRENT OPENINDUAL=vert Set SOURCE=Right Go c: NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINRIGHT Go TABCLOSEALL OPENINRIGHT Set SOURCE=Toggle

Thanks for your help and ideas.

Get well Leo. It's more fun.


If the initial condition is SINGLE then Set DUAL=ON,SOURCE activates the right (dual) pane and makes it the source. However, if the initial condition is DUAL, the "makes it the source" piece of the command is apparently not executed. This is consistent with the statement in the documentation..

"The DUAL argument also has options to control the state of the newly opened file-display."

..which specifically refers to newly-opened. It seems to me that there is an implicit, and very clear "I want the right hand (dual) pane to be the source" in the Set DUAL=ON,SOURCE command.

Is there a reason for choosing NOT to force the right hand pane to become the source when DUAL is already active, or is this a candidate for a change of behaviour in a future release?

Regards, AB