Findfield inactive when lister path set to "my computer"

When typing something in a lister, a searchfield automaticaly appears, allowing the user to select a file or goto another directory (for example, typing "/win" would make the current lister goto %windir%).

The problem is that this function doesn't seem to work when the lister is displaying "my computer". What's wrong ? is there any way make it work there as well ?

In My Computer, and other folders where Explorer provides the view, you have to push Shift-Enter to activate the Find Field.

(You can change the hotkey if you like. It runs the command go pathentry)

Ok, thanks. Any way to have it working without having to type any combination of keys ? (just like any other directory...)

Probably not without breaking the ability to jump to files by typing their names in those folders.

Well... In normal folders, you may do that, without breaking that ability... What's the difference with special folders, such as "my computer",... ?

Special folders like My Computer are provided by Explorer. Opus doesn't have as much control over how they work.