Finding duplicate files between two different folders

Maybe in my previous posts I wasn't very clear on what I need to do.
I have a CD, with, let's say, such a structure:

DIR1 with

DIR2 with

DIR4 with

And I have an hard drive, let's say D:, with such structure:

DIR10 with

DIR11 with

DIR12 with

DIR2 with

As you see, the two trees are completely different, but nonetheless there are files that match both drives: FILE1, FILE2, FILE3, FILE5.

I would like to find in D: all the files that are present in my CDROM regardless of their path, and set a "already burnt to a CD" description with the built-in dopus command.

Is it something feasible? I was playing around with the various options but couldn't get thru til now.

Any help would be greately appreciated.

I also tried Beyond Compare ore UltraCompare but they make a folder-to-folder or a tree-to-tree analysis which is not what I need, as the structures are different and only files names and CRC values are the same.

Thanks a lot.

Hi JohnN, you probably could have just continued on with the original topic instead of creating a new duplicate one. Anyhow, sorry for some reason I had not seen that you still seemed unsure how to do what you want in the original thread...

So, I understand that there are 'many' folder paths where you'd want to check for duplicate files... so 'mapping' drives might be a burden to accomodate so many different folders. This means you are stuck with Nudel's original answer of just having the dupe file check search through the entire drive contents of both your CD-ROM drive and your hard disk (you said D: as example). But in your previous post you mentioned that you had done such a thing and that it did not seem to actually 'DO' anything. Are you sure you selected C: and F: (or whatever drives) by clicking on the drive icon next to topmost field in the search dialog... check marks in them? Did you hear any physical access to your CD-ROM drive at all? If so, are you sure you let the search finish? You are after all checking two entire logical drives... it might take a while.

Aside from that, had you set any specific search criteria in the Duplicate Files dialog? What I would suggest you do first to make sure you haven't inadvertently changed some setting that could cause your search not to run, is to create a folder... and copy a file into it. In that same folder, create another folder and copy the file into that sub-directory as well. Then just select the initial folder as your source for searching for dupe files. You should obviously get results on that... we can see from there what might not be going right when you try from the drive level.

Side Note- One thing I find to be lacking in Dopus search for Duplicate Files utility is that there is no 'explicit' association between the dupe files. I think the best you can do is sort by size in the resulting dupe files collection... If you're just housekeeping and have MANY dupe files some of which might not even be the same name, then I don't think the utility is complete. You might want to check out FUNDUC's Duplicate File Finder utility as an alternative. It is a separate app obviously (:-() and does cost $15 bucks... but you can export your results to a spreadsheet and sort however you want...

I think I'd do this by setting up a dual lister with the CD in one pane, and whatever drive or folder you want to compare it to in the other one. Then one at a time put both panes into flat mode by using the following button which shows files but hides folders.

Tooltip=Toggles the flat display showing the contents of all sub-folders (but hides the folders themselves)
Func1=Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders,Toggle

Next in the CD files lister pane select all the files on the CD (CTRL+A). And last press this next button to select the same file names in the right lister (regardless of their folder location).

Name=Select DST
Tooltip=With dual listers, selects the same things in DST that are selected in SRC

From there you should be able to set your descriptions.

steje wrote:
Side Note- One thing I find to be lacking in Dopus search for Duplicate Files utility is that there is no 'explicit' association between the dupe files. I think the best you can do is sort by size in the resulting dupe files collection.[/quote]

What does that mean exactly? By default the duplicate files found go into collection and are highlighted by alternating light/dark background colours. If you're not seeing this check that the 'Group duplicates' option is set in Folder Options for the duplicate files collection.

Doh... well, cya later Funduc... I'd call that 'explicit association' allright. That was the only thing preventing me from really relying on the Dopus dupe file hunter. Thanks so much Jon... I humbly retract my non-complete feature statement!

I am reasonably positive I never changed that 'Group duplicates' setting in folder options. I guess it might have gotten whacked by accident when I had originally been toying with my own custom folder options for all folders. You just saved me 15 bucks! Should I donate that money to the 'tabbed lister' fund :slight_smile:?

Ed note- If I keep on with the tab talk Jon may refund my Dopus license... especially in the face of him helping me with solutions like above :astonished:...

Yesterday night I tried both solutions:

  1. Find duplicate files between different hard drives

Well, it works and doesn't work. My hard drives are C,D,E,F and my CDROM is G. If I search for duplicates in both (C or D or E or F) AND G, nothing happens. If I search for duplicates in C AND (D or E or F) AND G, then searching take place. Seems like Dopus must need at least two drives before searching in one removable media. Of course, this produces problems because I find also duplicates between C and D and I need to manually select the files I need to set the description to.

  1. JohnZeman solution

This works G-R-E-A-T !! Although the match is only on a name basis and for this reason not perfect (for instance, the first file named 01.mp3 will be matched even if there are 6 different 01.mp3 files with different sizes in different directories), I managed in just two hours to catalogue my archive of 65 CDs and now I finally know which files have been already burnt and which haven't.
A little improvement was to create another button with the "set description recursive"

I really would like to thank you all because I would have never found a solution, not even a 3rd party one!

And thanks to Dopus for beeing such a great tool ever!!

He's good ppl... all hail JohnZeman!!! But any idea how to enhance it so that identical files of different names can also be caught this way?

On the original method... having just found new usefullness in the built-in Find Duplicate Files utility (thanks to Jon), I wanted to better understand why it wasn't working for you JohnN (jesus, too many Jo(h)n's here :slight_smile:). To my suprise, I have the same exact problem you have... i.e. if I choose a logical hard disk drive and the CD-ROM/DVD drive as my source selections for search... NOTHING happens.

What's more, it's not a problem specific to optical drives. If I copy the same file to the root of D:, E:, and F: drives (all logical hard disk drives) and run the search against all three drives I only get results for E: and F:. D: is ignored... If I alter that search to be only D: and E:, once again NOTHING happens... like JohnN said, it doesn't appear a search is even run at all.

Can someone at GP verify this? It should be easy to verify...