Finding Files in the Lister - filtering out


I'm trying to search a folder in the lister (Ctrl+F) and want to list all MP4 files that do not end with: (HEVC).mp4

what I have so far: ~('(HEVC').mp4)

isn't working :frowning:

Any advice?

Using the Find panel's Advanced mode is probably the easiest thing here, since you want to include *.mp4 while also excluding *'(HEVC').mp4:

2020-01-23 05-09-38 Clipboard Image

Simple mode with a Name wildcard of ~(*'(HEVC').mp4) and the Type drop-down set to MP4 should also work. (The proper type may be something other than MP4 on your system. It'll be the same thing displayed in the Type column for a .mp4 file. Depending on the software installed, the name could be something different.)

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Thanks Leo, that worked :smiley:

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I was wondering if there is a way to exclude files without using Find.

For example, I have a folder that has a large mix of mp4, avi, rm, and jpg files. Is there a way to type something like "not *.jpg" in the filter box at the bottom of a lister?





If you would, please tell me where in the manual expressions like "~(*.jpg)" are documented? Under what topic(s) are they documented?

Thanks again!

Have a look here:

Pattern Matching Syntax

Many Thanks!!