First week using DO


Just a few observations after my first week of using DO10.

  1. The program is quite brilliant, obviously developed be a dynamic team and user requirements driven. Well done.
  2. As I have never used DO before, I'm finding the learning curve quite steep, especially with the help file divided in two and the what's new file directed at previous users. Where can I find a list of hot-keys and updated documentation?
  3. Is it possible to filter out Junction files so they are not presented in the Lister?


[ul][li]Updated docs are being worked on. The updates are included as part of each new release. We've mainly been focusing on code-changes to deal with people's feedback after the v10 release but things are settling down again now, giving us time to get back to docs (and eventually new tutorials, too).

[li]List of hotkeys: Settings -> Customize -> Keys. You can also use Help -> Keyboard Map, which takes you to the same place.

[li]Filtering junctions: I don't think you can, but since junctions are almost always flagged with the System attribute, you can filter them out (along with other System files/folders) using this option:

[li]PS: Please ask one question per thread. (Reasons here.)[/li][/ul]