[Fixed] Download Filenames Issue

There is a problem with the forum at the moment where attachments will be downloaded with random filenames instead of the proper names they should have.

For example, if you download this at the time of writing, you will get a file named 54b1acba53aad76163945a35f8a736b564016e15.zip instead of test.zip:

test.zip (41.4 KB)

If you try it and get a file named test.zip, you know the problem has been fixed. :slight_smile:

The Discourse developers are aware of the problem and I'm guessing will fix it pretty soon:

For now, don't be surprised by the weird names, and remember to rename them after you download them, if you want to keep them and know what they are later.

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I was wondering why you appeared to be uploading guid named files....

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I wondered this myself. :smiley:

This should now be fixed, thanks to the work of the Discourse devs.

I've checked all recent attachments that I think may have been effected, and they all work correctly now.

If you run into any posts where the attachment either displays in-browser as text (instead of downloading as a file), or downloads with the wrong filename, please let me know and I will fix the post. But, as far as I can tell, everything is good now.