Fixed width for relative-size column?

I really like the relative size column but I have never actually enabled it since it is too wide for our lister layout. Is it possible to make the column use a fixed width (even if auto-size-columns is enabled)? It would be nice if the column always uses the width as shown on the 2nd screenshot below. Certainly it would be even nicer if the relative size can be shown as colored background of the real size column. :slight_smile:

Here is the second one.

Is it possible to specify the width of a ScriptColumn that is set to be displayed as graph?

Yes. But I don't know how it behaves for auto-size-columns enabled.

The 'automatic' size comes from the column name for the built-in bar columns.

So if I understand you correct, even if a specified width of a ScriptColumn is ignored in autosize mode, the column can still be named "R" to get a much smaller width as shown in the example above!?

I don't know that. Only observing what happens with built-in columns.