Flat View copy doesn't copy to expected location

If I make a change to a file in a sub-directory and then switch to flat view, that file is shown at the top of the list of files. If I then copy it to a new location, that file should be copied to a sub-directory of the same name. But it is being copied to the root of the new location. I am using unedited buttons that come with DO and it has always worked prior to V 13. The Copy button just has the command "Copy File". Do I need to make a change to that?

Using 13.4

Preferences / File Operations / Copying Files / Confirmation, "When copying nested items..."

Thanks, that fixed it. Is there a list somewhere of other setting changes that were made with the upgrade?

Full list of changes is here: Directory Opus 13 - Detailed list of changes [Directory Opus Manual]

Thanks for the link. But what I was asking for is a list of changes made to the settings. In all previous updates, the standard settings weren't changed. If this change was a mistake, that's fine. But if it was intentional, I would think it would be mentioned somewhere. Maybe it is in the doc you mentioned but I couldn't find it.

It's not a changed setting, it's a completely new setting.

The pages I linked to list pretty much every change in Opus 13.

The button I am referring to is in the standard toolbar that has always been in DO, as I remember. It used to work a certain way and that was changed. I guess I'm not seeing how that isn't considered a change setting. It doesn't matter, just trying to make things easier for me. :slight_smile: I'll know where to check if another button no longer functions as it did so thanks for the link.