Flat View Copying

Wondering if this is possible:

  1. Lister1 in Flat View Mixed (no folders)
  2. Lister2 (showing a FTP site) can be in Flat or Normal view.
  3. Select files (manually or using a filter) in Lister1 which may be in different directories.
  4. Copy the files to Lister2. Files in different directories in Lister1 will be copied to the identical directories in Lister2. If directories don't exist in Lister2 they will be created.

Right now Copy copies all the selected files in Lister1 into the root directory of Lister2.

By default Opus should ask you whether you want to copy the files "flat" (to the same folder) or recreate the source folder structure. In Preferences -> File Operations -> Copying (1) there is an option that controls this - maybe you have it set to copy to single level?

It was set to "ask how to copy".

Changed it to "recreate source folder structure" but all the files were still copied to the same destination directory.

I have not been able to reproduce it but two weeks ago I copied a a few directories from an FTP site in one lister to an SCP site in the other. I can't remember if the source, destination or both were in flat mode -- I'd been using flat mode to some extend before the copy, I know that -- but after the copy it appeared the files below the source subdirectories had all ended up in the destination directory, not in subdirs, incorrectly. But when I closed the window and reconnected to the site they were in the right places under subdirectories; it was only the display that was wrong right after the copy...

Maybe you saw the same thing? I didn't report my problem since I haven't been able to reproduce it and even right afterwards wasn't quite sure what I'd done to cause it to happen. FTP to SCP copy while in flat mode seemed so esoteric that it wasn't worth wasting anyone's time with unless I could reproduce it at least once!

It may have something to do with first causing a subdir scan (e.g. count files for deletion or just count the size of subdirs) on the destination and cancelling it half-way through... But I really am completely guessing and I haven't been able to repro it, even trying that, so far.

I wasn't even going to mention it unless I saw it again, since such a vague lot of details isn't very useful, but maybe combined with what you've seen there's a clue in here somewhere?

Also, how did you do the copy? Via toolbar button or drag & drop?

I have DOpus on XP Pro SP2

And DOpus does the same thing for me as it does for NeilN

FWIW I do all my copying by drag and drop with my source being c:\temp\ while my destination was c:\temp2\


Confirmed. Drag and drop between c:\projects and d:\temp always copies files to root no matter what option is chosen.

Just to follow up - using a Copy button instead of drag and drop works.