Flat View (Folders Only)

I think the mixed views are great and I use them all the time but what would be extremely helpful is to have a Mixed View that works similarly to the existing ones, but shows folders only.
Is this a possibility to implement?

Which views do you mean?

Have you tried a filter? These work everywhere:





Perhaps I am using the wrong term, but I mean these ones


What I am asking for is a mode option where I can do this:

Set FLATVIEW=mixednofiles

I tried setting FLATVIEW to mixed and then adding the file filter option here:

and after your suggestion, I tried the filters you suggested, but no matter what I do, most of the files get hidden, however there are a handful that refuse to disappear and I can't figure out why.

I think a FLATVIEW=mixednofiles would be ideal.

Try turning off "use regular expression", since * on its own is a wildcard not a regex.

I had tried both, and it works for most folders but not for others for some reason, and I can't figure out why a handful of files still insist on showing themselves sometimes. Would a "FLATVIEW=mixednofiles" option still be a possibility to implement? Just seems cleaner and more consistent.

Some examples of what's happening, and which folders and files aren't being hidden, would be very useful.

I have had a look through the files and I think I see the issue. The items that are not being hidden are for example Lightroom files (.lrdata and .lrcat-data) and SnagIt files (.tscproj). Even though these items look like files, I think they are technically folders, named with extensions and have a different icon so that they look like files. Initially I figured that this is no different from a .zip file which behaves like a file, but this appears not to be the case. I figured if I wanted to hide these, then I could add a filter to the hide folder option, as so: "*.(lrdata|tscproj)" which I tried and that worked. So "mystery" solved, thanks. Final question though, could we still get a "flatviewnofiles" option implemented? It would then work seamlessly with the other FLATVIEW modes and toggles that are currently available.