Flat View - viewing one level deep only


While using DOpus to look through the directories of my iPhone and iPad using an SSH connection (I highly recommend it - it eliminates the need for iTunes) I find where to dump files by opening each cryptically named application folder to reveal the plain-english name of the app.

The problem using is flat view is, that it wants to show me all the deeper subdirectories - which results in 60,000+ files in my lister - and an hour's wait,

Is there a special "limited" mode for flat view I could activate?
Just one level deep?


I'm not sure if there is a way to limit the depth of Flat View, without losing the way it is a "live" view of the folders (i.e. updates automatically when things are added/removed). You can apply real-time filters to Flat View but only based on file & folder names. (Unless there's a trick I can't think of right now.)

If you don't need a live view, and a snapshot of the files/folders would do, then it's something you can do fairly easily using the find tool with a sub-folder filter.

that subfolder filter looks like it will do the trick!

thanks sir

Hi. I tried this trick on my SSH connection, and the connectionw was refused.
Could it be that the sFTP plugin doesn't work with the FIND command? (it works when just browsing through my remote directories)

So, if I can't go this route, what about this method of allowing me to look just one level deep?

Holding down ALT and clicking a subdirectory opens it in a new tab.
Is there a way I can select 20 subdirectories and open them all in tabs with a single command?


The command is go newtab=findexisting fromsel (or similar, depending on exactly what you want).