Flat view with relative graphs behind size and date fields

I have Show relative graphs behind… options in Preferences / Folders / Folder Display checked for both modified date columns and size columns. That work great, it allows me to spare screen space by displaying like this:

However, when I toggle Flat view, this having-it-nice-and-tidy simply flies out of the window. Flat view, while keeping those overlays still working, also expands those into separate columns and the lister becomes unnecessarily wide:

Is there a way to tell Flat view not to do that?

Just change the folder format:

Prefs PAGE=folderformats

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Hmm, that's what I was looking for, thanks @lxp. For some unknown reason, this page of the preferences is filtered out when searching for the string "flat". Odd...

Folder Format names aren't included in the Preferences search results, but we'll add that in the future to make things a bit easier to find.

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