Flatview copy and restore folderstructure


i chosed in my options that the copy via flatview from src > dst should ask me for restoring structure or copy all in one folder.

but its not working anymore.

can any1 help?

thx in advance

Are you confusing copying from Flat Mode (where you may be prompted) with copying from a File Collection, such as Find Results (where you never get prompted)? I do that sometimes myself.

If not, have you tried turning the option off and then back on again? I haven't heard of the option getting broken but that's worth a try in case something's gone awry in the registry.

I can confirm this Leo. I first noticed it when flat view was initially introduced quite awhile back and was about to submit a bug report about it at the time. However then I noticed nobody else seemed to be having the same problem so I shelved the bug report and quite frankly soon forgot all about it as I normally always copy from flat view to a single directory.

Now that pRiMUS has brought it up again, I went back and changed my preferences so Opus should prompt me before copying from flat view, but just like before, it never does. Every time it copies to a single level whether I have prefs set to prompt me, or to recreate the directory structure.

FYI I'm using version U

I'll submit a bug report on this now before my feeble little brain forgets again.

I should also mention this only applies (to me anyway) when I copy by drag and drop. Copy and paste works as expected.

If it's only broken for drag & drop then that'd explain why I haven't noticed it (I think I always use the toolbar to copy out of a flat-view lister).

Primus, does it work for you when you copy via the toolbar Copy button and/or Copy & Paste, but not drag & drop?

Confirmed as well...

Weird... aside from any toolbar/copy&paste comparisons you guys are seeing, I've also found that while drag and drop with the LMB causes the problem, running the same exact command as the drop default (copy movewhensame) works fine and triggers the prompt when run from the RMB drop menu. So I guess drag and drop with LMB is handled a bit differently internally by opus than just what we see in the filetype editor.

Might just be down to the destination always handling a drag & drop event, and Opus having to structure the data so that anything can understand it, although the same may be true for a copy and paste so I may be wrong.