Flatview - open containing folder

Flatview is incredibly important for handling large numbers of files in multiple directories, for bulk file manipulations and other tasks. Especially when its combined with a filter to find something specific.

One Flatview limitation is that its awkward to open a specific subfolder from this view (Especially so in "Mixed- no folders" mode). I note that in Find or Duplicate search there is a right click on a file to "open containing folder". This is extremely useful to jump to that folder, without disturbing the work you are doing in the current lister. Is there a way to get this feature into flatview mode as well?

Select a file, and try the command:


Thanks MrC! That works quite well as a button (and I imagine also as a hotkey if I tried it).

Can this be done with a right-click? (I have too many buttons). Mainly because I am used to this feature being available in the search results. (Your above solution is good too!)

Under Settings, Select File Types.

When the file type editor opens, select the "All files and folders" entry.

Select the Edit button, and then select the Context Menu tab. In the Context Menu tab, click the New button to create a new context menu item.

For Type, select Run a Opus Function. Name the Action, such as Open Parent. Paste in the function above in the edit area at the bottom.

This works well and is brilliant! There is now an "Open Containing Folder" on the right click! Thanks so much. So much power and flexibility in this program!
Ok, sorry to push further, but can the command be changed to open with a specific saved lister format?

Go OPENCONTAINER=target NEW=tree,source
Prefs STYLE=Images

Set the style to the predefined style you want (eg. replace Images with one of Filmstrip, Dual Vertical, etc.)

I cant make that work. I entered:
Go OPENCONTAINER=target NEW=tree,source
Prefs STYLE=Small_Right_For_Calibre

where "Small_Right_For_Calibre" is the name of my predefined style I made for this. If i delete ",source" still does not work. In both cases it opens the default lister ok.. Do I need a short lister name??

Not sure what is going wrong. The same style name works here.

Back in the edit dialog, remove the "Small_Right_For_Calibre", and then click the Arguments pulldown, and nagivate to the STYLE/K sub-menu. You should see your listed Style there. Select that.

Its not there either. Although there are a bunch of listers there - just not all of them. In preferences I moved it to the second top, but still wont show up. Can one have too many listers? There are a couple others that dont show, while the 6 oldest ones do show up. Definintely some problem here.

Did you mean "Prefs LAYOUT=xxxx"? If I use that, then a lister opens with the files ok (wrong layout), but then a second lister opens with the desired format (but its empty of files).

Oh I see what I am doing wrong. I made a default Lister, but you refer to a style. I will look up how to make my lister layout into a style.....

Style is what you want. See "Lister Styles" here:


Search the same manual for "Listers - Layouts". This should give you a better comparison between the two.