Flickr error 96


Since yesterday (may 19) I get an Error 96, Invalid Signature when I try to use the Flickr sync. It worked fine the day before yesterday. Any idea what is going wrong?

Regards, Brenny

What happens if you push the Test button in Preferences - Photo Sharing - Flickr?

Flickr reports: account ok!

I'm getting exactly the same thing. Just finished configuring Flickr account in DOpus, tried to synchronise selecting Download and got "Error code 96, invalid signature". Using Test Account button shows account OK.

Incidentally, when I set up my Flickr account in DOpus, although I see both Pools and Photo Sets listed in the Photo Set panel in Preferences I only see Pools listed in the Tree under File Collections > Flickr Photos > Username and see no Collections (Sub Sets) listed in either. Is this correct?

Well I deselected all but two Flickr Sets and tried again and this time DOpus is downloading without any errors. It's probably a good thing, it could have taken quite some time to download 2,684 large resolution photos averaging 2MB each and that's not counting the panoramas :unamused:

I'm not sure what the error is then, but I'm not very familiar with how Flickr works. If you don't get an answer here, send GPSoft a support request and they should be able to work with you to work out what's going wrong.

I see both pools and sets in the tree, FWIW. What do you see in the main file display if you navigate to the Username folder?

Looking at the Flickr Forums I notice quite a few people were complaining about slow connection or total failure to connect to Flickr at the time of the Error code 69 event. Most were using NTL as their IP at the time so this could have been the problem.

As far as the Sets were concerned they did not display in the Tree or Username folder prior to any download. I eventually managed to download three of my Sets from Flickr and then those three Sets showed in both the Tree and Username Folder. If folders for Sets only appear in DOpus after selecting and initiating download of photos from Flickr then this is not very helpful. I have an extremely large collection of photos on Flickr so not only would downloading them all to get the Sets folders in sync eat up a large amount of disc space with duplicate files (except for their name), but, it would take far too long to do too. I had hoped that when I set up my Flickr account in DOpus it would have created Set folders as well as Pool folders in the Username folder. As far as I'm concerned downloading my photos from Flickr is only something I'd do in the event of a major catastrophe where all my photos were wiped from my HD. Mainly all I'd like to do is drag new photos into the ready created folders to upload to Flickr and forget about synchronising photos already on my PC and Flickr.

If you already have your photos locally why do you need to download them? Opus can identify them automatically using the EXIF information and add them to the collections for you.

This is what I said, I do not want to download all my photos from Flickr as they are already on my PC, but, I would like to have all my Collections and Sets on Flickr displayed in the Username folder empty and ready to put new photos in ready for upload. As it is, when I set up my Flickr account in DOpus the only folders it created in the Username folder were the Pools. This means I would have to do one of two things, either manually create each folder and sub folders for Sets and Collections in Username folder making sure they are exact duplicates of what is on Flickr or else use the download function manually unchecking each photo (except perhaps for one) so as to have DOpus download all the folders and sub folders.

Or, as I have asked and not had a definitive reply, should DOpus have created these Sets and Sub Sets along with the Pool folders in the Username Folder when I set up the account and something has gone wrong? So far my initial question on this was answered with "What do you see in the main file display if you navigate to the Username folder?" Well, as I replied, just the Pool folders.

And as I said, you don't have to download them :slight_smile: Let Opus find your existing copies of them and put them in the collections automatically. It will only want to download if it can't find the images locally, and as you say you have them all locally, it won't have to download anything.

I'm sorry, but, I'm not following you here. How does DOpus find what is local in this sense? I selected three Sets to synchronise in Preferences, right clicked Username folder and selected Synchronise With Flickr, in the Flickr Synchronisation box that comes up there are two check boxes one for upload the other for download, checking Download DOpus does the search and cannot find locally 161 of 161 files so downloads them. All the files are there on my PC although their filenames are different to the Titles of the photos on Flickr, but, the Taken On Dates correspond. Is there something I'm not doing here correctly that is explained elsewhere in the manual in another section.

Ah, I see the problem, DOpus was looking in the wrong place, it was expecting to find them in the folder it created. Now, however, I find another problem. When DOpus can't find the file locally and I use the Identify button I can navigate to the photo and it identifies it. If, however, I use the Search button and navigate to the folder where the photos I want to identify are Dopus throws up an "Error (0x0000005) occurred in thread "dopus function" at address 0x44E1D6". This is repeatable and DOpus has to close and restart. The photos are definitely in the folder I navigated to using Search as it is the same folder I had success with using Identify.

Have to come back to this later as I have to go out on a job now.

The Error 69 thing...

It goes away when I disable the "Update photos that are not in a set" setting.

Ah, disabling "Update photos that are not in a set" as you suggest does work. There are a few things puzzling me though. I can understand DOpus not being able to match photos that have different names, but, it seems to be failing to match a high proportion of photos by Date Taken even when identical and I point it to the correct folder. More puzzling is that I just tried to match one Set on Flickr that is a perfect copy of all photos in a certain Folder on PC with filenames and Dates Taken identical and DOpus could only match around half of the 220 odd photos. Even more puzzling was that I noticed at the same time it was trying to match photos in another set that it had already matched and synchronized and was telling me 89 out of 145 could not be found yet I can see all those 89 in the correct folder in the Username folder yet DOpus seems to have forgotten it's already done it and where they are.

Very odd :unamused:

I have the same problem you are describing. In think there are a few bugs in the Flickr sync...

Glad to hear it's not my PC :slight_smile: I expect they'll get ironed out sometime. At least when filename on PC and title on Flickr are identical it doesn't take too long to match them by hand, however, for the matching of files with differing filenames it looks as if I'm going to have to put serious time aside for those large folders. A week off for Bank Holiday next week and it looks like rain so I may be doing some serious synchronising that week :smiley:

Maybe there's something specific about the images in question. Do you think you could find a couple of photos that Opus isn't able to match, and email them to me? jon at

Will do so tonight or tomorrow as I'll be away from my PC shortly for some time. Thanks.

I noticed that the same thing happened to me. I got the 96 Error, but when I unchecked the option "Update photos that are not in a set" it worked just fine. Any ideas on what causes this yet? Or a possible solution/patch?