Floating Toolbar Keep On Top not consistant

I am using the Floating Toolbar with the Keep On Top feature and find the three Keep On top settings are not constant when an item is selected from the Toolbar.

1: No check mark... the toolbar disappears immediately when and item is clicked (I like this as it responds immediately).
2: Intermediate setting... when an item is clicked, the toolbar will go away only after I move the mouse off of it but even than it hesitates then disappears (don't like the hesitation).
2: Fully checked... Same problem as item 2 (above).

For items 2 & 3... I want to see the toolbar disappear immediately as it does in item 1. Also want an option to make it disappear without having to move the mouse off of it.

As it currently is, when selecting a Toolbar item the toolbar will hesitate and stay superimposed on top of the lister items that I just selected until it finally goes away.

I have toolbar Animate & Slide turned off which helps a little but does not resolve the problem.


Are we talking about a toolbar which is docked to the edge of the screen and set to auto-hide?



Auto-hide toolbars will go away if the mouse is no longer over them. Presumably in your #1 you are clicking a button which opens some kind of window, and that window happens to open on top of where the mouse pointer is?

If the toolbar is on-top then that window would open underneath the toolbar instead, so the mouse pointer would still be over the toolbar, keeping the toolbar visible.

I need the toolbar fully on top of all other windows so I can get to it under any situation.
Problem is, even with the slide feature turned of, the toolbar will not go away until I move the mouse pointer off of the toolbar then it closes in a less the quick fashion (even slower with slide turned on). This presents a less than neat appearance as the new selected windows comes up but the toolbar overides it for a second or two which I don't like.

What I would like to see is a new option check box on the Preferences\Toolbars\Options screen right under the Slide auto-hide floating Toolbars when hiding and revealing.

The new option might say something like Close Toolbar Immediately upon clicking any item .

Once this new option is checked, the Toolbar will close in an instant when any item in the toolbar is clicked.

What do you think?


The way it works now is consistent with what the Taskbar does when it is set to auto-hide, so I'm not sure it makes sense to change it.

Wouldn't you normally click with the mouse against the edge of the screen anyway? (So the mouse would still be in the area which forces the toolbar to be visible. And it would not make sense to close it no matter what as that would make it impossible to launch two things, without clicking one, then moving the mouse away, then moving the mouse back to the edge and clicking again; that seems like a worse problem than the current one.)

(Note that if you want to compare the taskbar's behaviour, you can only have one auto-hide toolbar at a time, which is a Windows limitation. If you make the taskbar auto-hide then the Opus toolbar will stop auto-hiding.)

Actually, you can have TWO Auto-hide items at the same time (providing one of them is the Windows Taskbar) AND it is in a different location than the Opus Toolbar. That is the way I have mine set up, BOTH Windows Taskbar AND Opus Toolbar are Auto-hide. I have the Opus Toolbar on the left and Windows Taskbar on the bottom. Works pretty well except for the well-known Windows Auto-hide sometimes not wanting to re-hide unless you click on something outside of the Taskbar. The Opus toolbar suffers from the same not wanting to re-hide problem but I suspect it may be using part of the Windows system for the auto-hide feature.

Good point, but usually I move the mouse slightly off of the screen edge to point & click directly on the item or icon of choice so it would be really nice if the toolbar would simply re-hide immediately without any delay so it would not overlay the selected Window for a second or two. Another optional choice might be to have the toolbar re-hide immediately (after clicking on a selection) regardless if it is on the screen edge or not.

True Launch Bar (TLB) by Tordex (truelaunchbar.com/) the worlds best windows START menu system works like this and it is VERY friendly. I have been using it for many years and rate it as one of my all-time best programs (along with Opus). After seeing how an instant re-hide works it is hard not to want it in Opus also.

You might ask if TLB is so good why am I creating a START menu system in Opus? Good question, at present TLB does not work on some installs of Windows 8 x64 CP so I thought I would see if my wonderful Opus could be configured to do many of the same things as TLB and quess what? IT CAN!!!.

There are just a few little items to be resolved like the instant re-hide feature. I just think it would add a little more versatility to Opus.