Floating Toolbar won't persist


I have DirectoryOpus 11.1 x64 installed and my quick-access toolbar (containing things I like to have handy) won't stay on screen through a reboot. If I add it to the default toolbar set, it dutifully adds itself to the lister's layout; however when I have arranged it how I want it, it's a floating toolbar, position locked docked to the right hand side of my screen, style "Taskbar", and completely independent of listers.

How do I arrange for this toolbar to reload when I reboot my PC? (p.s. I have another PC running the trial and it just did it... but every time I boot up this PC I have to reset this toolbar to where and how I want it).

See screenshot...

Easiest way: Turn on Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Save state of floating Toolbars automatically on exit.

While you're on that Prefs page, if you push F1 and check the description of that option, it tells you have to manually save the floating toolbar state if you don't want changes you make saved automatically.

Thank you nicely, Sir!