Floating Toolbars issue?

Are there any issues with floating toolbars in 12.2? I've set up floating toolbars in older Opus versions with no problem but I'm having a hell of a time getting consistent results in 12.2. One floating toolbar works as expected but the next one with identical settings doesn't. A screen shot is attached of what I saw when I just rebooted my Windows 7 computer after attempting to configure just 1 floating toolbar.

Toolbars can float more than one copy and each floater can have its own appearance settings. It looks like you've managed to float that toolbar an impressive number of times :slight_smile:

I think you're right. lol

By the way I've managed to close all but one of those toolbars in my screenshot, that one just will not go away. It's invisible until I click to bring up a lister then it flashes on the screen briefly before the lister overrides it.

Hold the shift key down while you move the mouse over it.