Floating toolbars opening in the wrong position

I'm using the following script in a button to open two copies each of a couple of floating toolbars:

// Close existing bars first (each line closes all copies of the named bar)
Toolbar "NJM - Games Dock" STATE=float CLOSE 
Toolbar "NJM - Applications Dock" STATE=float CLOSE 

// Main screen
Toolbar "NJM - Games Dock"  FLOAT=transparent,  POS 210,1097
Toolbar "NJM - Applications Dock"  FLOAT=transparent,  POS 702,0

// Secondary screen
Toolbar "NJM - Games Dock"  FLOAT=transparent,vertical,  POS -1280,200
Toolbar "NJM - Applications Dock"  FLOAT=transparent,  POS -895,0

Screen 1 is 1920*1200. Screen 2 is 1280*1024 and positioned to the left of screen 1, with the top edges level with each other.

The two bars on screen 1 appear in the correct position, but the two on screen 2 don't. There are four possible cases:

  1. If the bars intended for the second screen were open when the script ran, they'll reopen in the same screen and position as when they were closed, instead of the screen and positions specified in the script (i.e. if they were open on screen 1, they'll reopen on screen 1).

  2. If the second screen's bars were closed when the script ran, they'll open on screen 1 regardless of which screen they were on previously. They always open in the same position, which is inconsistent between the two bars: the Applications bar appears on top of the copy intended for screen 1, but offset by about 10px in both X and Y, as if it was a copy and paste of the bar; the games bar appears flush with the top of the screen (when you take the transparent background into account) but about 10px to the right of the copy for screen 1 (which is correctly positioned at the bottom of the screen)

  3. If I manually position the two bars on screen 2 and then run the script, the games bar remains in the same position as I placed it (even if that's not where the script says it should appear) while the applications bar will move if I placed its top edge flush with or within about 10px of the top edge of the screen (it offsets its previous position by about 10px in both axes, same as the copy/paste-like behaviour I mentioned previously). If the apps bar is placed or has moved itself more than 10px from the top of the screen, it will reopen in the previous position instead of the coords specified in the script.

  4. If I manually position the bars on screen 2 and then close and restart Opus, the applications bar is moved in the same way as above. Locking the bar does not prevent this, either when restarting Opus or running the script. Nor does using the Customise window's File > Save Floating Toolbars command.

One final oddity: I want the games bar on screen one to be horizontal and the one on screen 2 to be vertical, hence the FLOAT=vertical for the one on screen 2, but both bars always open vertically. I have to manually reshape the bar on screen 1.

Am I doing something wrong here, or does Opus just not respect the position arguments given in the script, at least when opening a second copy of a toolbar?

This looks like a bug. The POS argument was being ignored if the value was negative (it was checking for a digit without checking if there was a - first).

We'll fix that in the next update.

Cool, thanks very much.