Floating Utility Panel

There is only one button at Utility Panel ( FTP Logs) where you can make it float. The other functions are fixed. What a pity. Doesn't it make sense to unleash it completely? And can it be merged with the Advanced Rename function?

Hmmm, nothing? :worried: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

I'm not sure what you're expecting for a feature request posted on a Sunday only three hours ago.

Why are there two of you now, by the way? :slight_smile:


I just bought a second license, because I haven't got a laptop but 2 PCs.
I can understand if you complain that you haven't got the time to improve Directory Opus because you are distracted by answering questions of people who are too lazy to read the manual.

But why is only you and the other great guy Mr. Potter answering the questions? Where is Dr. Perry? Is he retired? And what about Bowerick Wowbagger? Is he a robot?

That's not really any of your business, to be honest. Wowbagger is a helpful person and longtime Opus user who has extra access on the forum from volunteering to help out, not someone who works on Opus.

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No, it's not. That's for sure. I beg your pardon. Can we make a deal? I will put only one question per week and per license. I don't want to get anybody on his nerves. :speak_no_evil:

You can ask as many questions as you like as long as they're sensible. This is a forum for tech support for Directory Opus. It's not for questions relating to other users, developers, staff or corporate structure of GP Software.

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Might be sensible to not expect the questions to be answered within three hours on Sunday though!

It's easy to get used to the often rapid response here, but it may not be reasonable to expect it all the time.

Well, yes. No comment anymore. :innocent: